When the Clubhouse was complete, work soon began on the new Carriage Shed.

The old Carriage Shed was  built as a leanto on the back of the park Aviary.   For many years it had been infested with mice, which fed on birdseed from the Aviary, the upholstery on the carriages, and many other things.

The new shed is a good distance from the Aviary, and is intended to be mouse-proof.

By June preparation was under way, and early in July the concrete base took shape.

The concrete had to be mixed the hard way.

The completed base - 18 tons of concrete.

August 21st

The walls are taking shape

By mid-September the roof is beginning.

By the end of September the wall cladding is fitted.

Early November - Steel doors have been made and fitted   

nd the other side wall is going up.

December - The side wall is fitted, and the roof is going on.

January 2011 - The metal cladding on the roof.

January 2011 - Starting to make the track.

January 2011 - Laying on the essential services.

February 2011 - The building is finished.

February 2011  ... except for the finishing touch.

March 2011 - The sidings are prepared.

May 2011 - Ground level track into the Carriage shed

May 2011 - Ground level siding

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