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March 28th 2010

The Clubhouse was completed and ready for the start of the 2010 Running Season

       February 2009

  Planning permission has been obtained. Now a number of minor changes are required, to comply with Building Regulations and there are some legal formalities to do with the Lease from the City Council.  We hope that these points will soon be resolved, and then building will begin.  The first stage will be the laying of the concrete base.  When the shell of the building is complete and weatherproof, a good number of members have offered help with fitting out the interior.

       April 2009

  We are waiting for Building Regulations approval, and for Landord's permission to develop. There should be more news after the next committee meeting at the end of the month.

       May 2009

   Building Regulations approval has now been obtained.   Plans are now being made for the build operation.  At long last it should be starting before too long.

       August 2009

  At last the red tape is now complete.  Work on the site began on 24th August;  security fencing was erected, and excavation began.

       September 2009

  By the middle of September the excavation was complete, and concrete was poured into the footings.  

       September 30th 2009

  8 tons of concrete were poured into the Base, which is now complete.  The work is slightly ahead of schedule, thanks to the strenuous work of the Gang, and also to the kindness of the weather.

       October 12th 2009

  Truckloads of timber arrived, and the walls began to rise.  Still the weather


       October 15th 2009

  The timber walls and roof were completed.

       October 21st 2009

  By now the building is weatherproof, with a temporary electricity supply.

       November 2nd 2009

  Cladding the roof has begun, and the interior is taking shape.

       November 7th 2009

  The roof is now finished.

       January 2010

  The main structure is finished, and fitting out the interior is well under way, in spite of some appalling weather.

       February 2010

  The interior is virtually finished, and the old Station is finally demolished.

       March 2010

  Landscaping the surrounding area, fixing new fencing and laying concrete for the extension to the platform


 The Society acknowledges with gratitude the support

and generous financial help of

DJM Telecom Ltd

Computing Information Systems Limited

Jewson Ltd, Bicester

Plumb Center, Bicester

Simon Taplin, Plant Hire, Brill

Bucks Recycling Ltd, Worminghall

Smith's Concrete, Banbury

The Doris Field Trust

Building the Clubhouse

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