City of Oxford Society of Model Engineers


7th and 8th June

  The Sixteenth Annual Sweet Pea Rally  was held in Cutteslowe Park on the 7th and 8th June 2008..  When the society last hosted the Sweet Pea Rally in 1994 the weather  had been sunny for the whole weekend.  Now we can look back on another Sweet Pea Rally held at Oxford under similar conditions.

    I had also gone begging for members to come along and contribute some time or effort to keep the show on the rails (ouch).  The response to this appeal was absolutely magnificent and I can only thank everyone who made the effort to come along and contribute with their time and effort over what was a long and hot weekend.  I cannot start to mention individuals for fear of displeasing anyone whom I might inadvertently leave out.  That every aspect of the weekend worked so well can only be accounted for by hard working groups of society members, organising themselves into units capable of seeing that all our visitors were well looked after.  One member working in the steaming bays offered to me the vision of a swan.  Whilst everything above water is calmly sailing along, down below was a mighty scene of fervent paddling.  I hope that there was a trace of exaggeration in this description.  The final result is that I have not heard a single unfavourable comment concerning the staging of the event and many expressions of thanks.  The society deserves a large pat on the back - well done everyone.
Brian Holland

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