COSME Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    The City of Oxford Society of Model Engineers Ltd (COSME) takes privacy of personal data very seriously.

    COSME Ltd is Registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) Registration ZA336212

    The Company Secretary is the nominated by the Directors and Committee to be responsible for all aspects of Data Protection.

    It is necessary for COSME to collect your personal data when you apply to be a member of the Society, whilst you are a member of the Society, visit the Society as a guest of a member or by invitation of a COSME member.

    The Society has the legal basis to collect and process your personal information due to a contractual agreement when you accept the terms and conditions of membership when applying to join the Society as a member, and during your membership of the Society.

    If you visit the Society as a visitor, the Society has a legal basis of legitimate interest to ensure compliance with our site insurance and maintaining health and safety of people visiting our site.

  2. Why we collect and retain your personal data.

    As a member, we will collect and store your information so that we can;

    - Send you relevant Society information like events and newsletters via email or post.

    - Send you notices of the Society AGM.

    - Issue you a membership card valid for your subscription.

    - Contact you regarding your subscription renewal.

    - Maintain a list of whether you have passed tests for driving various categories of Locos.

    - Maintain records of skills for example if you are a qualified boiler tester, track steward or guard.

    - Liaise with you to organise Track Stewarding and Boiler Testing duties if you have volunteered for this.

    - Maintain records of any correspondence with you that you have with the Society or the Society Committee.

    - Maintain a list of boiler testing records for boilers that you have submitted to the Society Boiler Testers or for boilers that have been tested outside of the COSME but will be used on the COSME site.

    - COSME may share certain boiler test data with the Southern Federation of Model Engineers to support their historic boiler test records.

    - Maintain a list of who has been issued keys for the COSME railway site.

    - Send you COSME merchandise that you have ordered from the Society.

    As a visitor/potential member of the Society, we will collect and store your information so that we can;

    - Maintain a record for Health and Safety and Insurance compliance and reporting.

    - Send you relevant Society Information if you have requested it.

    - Send you COSME membership application form if you have requested this.

    - Process your application for COSME membership.


We only collect information that is relevant to ensure that we can meet the above stated reasons, and you may decline to give your contact information, however this may mean that the Society cannot contact you in a timely or full manner to provide you the full benefits of being a Society member.

As a visitor, it is a condition of visiting the site that you provide basic personal information such as your name, address and signature before being allowed to visit the non-public areas of the COSME site. 

 If you wish to decline to give this information, then we will not be able to admit you to the site.

 COSME confirm that we will not share this information with any outside organisation without your further informed consent and clear intention as to what use your information is being used for. You may decline this consent and there are no consequences for your membership status. The only exception to this is if COSME are required to act in your best interests for medical reasons, are required legally to do so by appropriate authorities such as the Police.

Once you terminate your membership of the Society, we will remove you from our Society mailing lists and no longer contact you with regular news. 

As a Society member, we will retain certain parts of your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, subscription amounts paid, for 7 years.  This is to ensure that our legal liability for compliance with company tax and accounting rules of the UK.

Boiler test records will be kept for up to 100 years and certain records are shared with the Southern Federation of Model Engineers for Historical reasons.

The Southern Federation are subject to a contract with COSME Ltd to not use your information other than for recording of boiler ownership, and not to share your information with any third party.  They are obliged to protect and secure any information we share with them that may identify you, and this may be deleted on instructions from COSME Ltd or requested by you.  If this personal information is to be deleted, we will remove all your identifiable personal information but retain the data for up to100 years that the boiler was examined at our club together with technical details about the boiler as tested only.

As a visitor to the Society, we will retain your personal information in our Society records for 3 years and will then be destroyed securely.

This Privacy policy is to be in effect from the date below as approved by the elected Society committee, and this to be published on the Society Web Site.

Approved by COSME Committee –

Dated …1st April 2018


David Price –CDIPAF—Association of Certified Accountants


COSME Ltd Secretary


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.